10 February 2013

Everything is Energy

When watching a replay of Professor Brian Cox with the BBC2 programme “Wonders of the Universe” it was very interesting being shown that the basis of everything is Energy, and the explanation of Energy relating to the 2nd Law of Physics, in short energy does not end, it only changes form, energy is eternal and Professor Brian Cox had come to look at ‘life’ as a protein gradient, energy changing form, in Prof. Brian's words “hanging onto order”.
As with the “Wireless Anatomy of Man” and the work of Dr Randolph Stone all energy within the human body relates within itself and without itself as the step down model of energy from the Hermetic Principle, working with as above, so below, and the caduceus symbol shows the human body is a simple energy collection, in an intricate form or set of interactions.
Energy only changes form and the Human energy form taking / receiving energy in and freely allowing the energy to change order. Food in – waste out (minus the energy), water in – water out (waste water including chemical energy), air in – air out (using Oxygen and disposing of carbon dioxide) using and changing energy form as the human body continues its path, holding a potential charge of different polarities, like thunderstorm builds potential, the human body holds potential and uses this to function. Life, borrowing order to create cells, everything is energy, and this is one of the Wonders of the Universe.
Energy taking form Polarity Therapy UK
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8 March 2011


We live totally in a Polarity Dimension, and we have a life opposing poles to work with each and every day.
Choosing our thoughts is our Polarity Choice, "The Next step?...Is our choice! Polarity Therapy is in a unique position of being complete and holistic, with a basis of four pillars to bring about change and resolution for the Client.

21 October 2010

Changes and more changes

Do you recognise chaos?

The last couple of months have been totally packed with change, seemingly on every front, a period of chaos evolves throughout this time and our perceptions of the positive outcomes must be in place, all will be well. This process is an inclusive part of our own (individual) healing journey, 
make it easy on yourself with Polarity Therapy or Neutral Space Relaxation

The UKPTA AGM is nearly here, we hope to see you there (Polarity Practitioners), it is your chance to join in and shape the poles of Polarity in the UK. 

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20 September 2010

London is Shifting Polarity

The second meeting of the APEF (Polarity Trainers / Schools) took place on Saturday and revealed to all the challenges that we are all rising too. A lot was discussed and the results will start to show soon as we all get to work with course of awareness.
Always good to get like minds together especially when discussing such an amazing subject as Polarity Therapy, possible the most complete healing system for us all. www.ukpta.org.uk for more information

22 August 2010

The life of Polarity

'We are looking forward to Trainers' meeting coming up in September 2010, where UK Polarity Trainers come together to discuss the continuing progress of Polarity expansion. The Counsel of the UKPTA, are the facilitators of this gathering, discussion are centred around the Core Curriculum that was agreed last year, we will keep you posted with an overview of the session'.

'The Annual Gathering and UK Polarity Association AGM will be held in November in Surrey, please book your place soon.'

Typical Activity from Polarity Therapy.

For now Happy Xmas 2017 

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